High-tech staff for high-tech equipment

Every mission depends on high-performance equipment and staff competence. HENSOLDT is your reliable partner to teach new skills and technologies in specialised fields, improving employee performance to operate and maintain your HENSOLDT products and systems in a safe and efficient way.

We provide target-group-oriented standard training for operators, maintainers/technicians and administrators. Our instructor-led learning portfolio has been systematically designed to support the operational efficiency and provide cost and time-efficient competence development - select the right one from our training building blocks. During times of travel restrictions we can also conduct many of our courses virtually, to ensure the training experience for our customers independent of travelling.

Spectrum monitoring training

The first step in successful spectrum monitoring starts with a solid foundation in electronic communication techniques.

HENSOLDT offers hands-on practical training that teaches participants the technical fundamentals of direction finding and monitoring according to ITU recommendations. HENSOLDT’s experienced and knowledgeable experts deliver an essential background required in the field of spectrum monitoring.