Product and System Support

Staying operational

Every mission depends on high-performance equipment and solutions. We are your reliable partner to handle any challenge through tailor-made services, short processing times and proactive support solutions.

We stand for maximum system performance and affordable life cycle costs. We understand your requirements and help you meet them efficiently.

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Best performance in all life cycle phases

The individual requirements for each application and each mission can be very different. We support you exactly where you need us. With services that are tailored to your demands and based on decades of comprehensive practical experience.

HENSOLDT offers you customised and reliable solutions, from basic support to full performance service packages.

Availability of Equipment

HENSOLDT commits to support its equipment delivered as long as it is in service. To achieve the required operational availability over the entire life cycle, we consider serviceability already in the design of our equipment, complemented by tailor-made support concepts and according services  for you.

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Enhanced availability
  • Short repair times
  • Fast spare parts deliveries
  • Stock management
  • Full life cycle support

Global Infrastructure

HENSOLDT is a pioneer of technology and innovation in the area of defence and security electronics. To support our customers timely and efficiently  all over the world, we constantly expand our global service infrastructure through a network of own and partner resources in your vicinity.

  • 24/7 helpdesk
  • Dedicated points of contact
  • Global field service and partners worldwide
  • Fully certified repair facilities
  • On-site technical assistance

Sustainability of Equipment

HENSOLDT offers you innovative leading edge solutions to provide you best suited equipment for your complex missions. To keep your equipment fit for purpose over it´s service life, we offer the complete portfolio of services essential to sustain or improve Serviceability and Performance.

  • Modernisation
  • Hardware and software updates and upgrades
  • Wide range of training and simulation solutions
  • Pro-active obsolescence management
  • Post-design service
  • Service consultancy



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Our passion is to ensure the success of your mission.

Our Portfolio of
Support Services

Your support requirements depend on specific circumstances, such as the planned deployment, the use of the equipment or the logistical nature and performance of the equipment itself.

In order to meet these different requirements, HENSOLDT has developed a comprehensive service portfolio. These services can be individually configured and combined into tailor-made support packages that best suit your requirements.

Technical Assistance

We offer Technical Assistance Services with a direct contact, 24/7 help-desk and a globally operating field service team.

  • Your needs
    • A direct point of contact, which supports on short notice in solving technical issues
    • Remote access to HENSOLDT’s technical experts
    • On site technical support at the location of your systems or products
  • Our solution
    • HENSOLDT Services has established a dedicated support team, which ensures that each customer has a direct point of contact
    • Our technical experts are available for you via our User Help Desk at any time
    • We maintain a globally operating field service team, which can technically support you wherever necessary
  • Your benefits
    • The direct point of contact supports you in technical matters, as well as in all other support topics, such as material supply, trainings or logistic support consulting
    • Flexible scope of services according ITIL standard levels, ensuring individual and optimized support solutions
    • On-site technical support close to your mission 

Setup and Commissioning

We offer Setup and Commissioning Services to install and commision your system, manage the site installation project and get you up and running.

  • Your needs
    • Best operational and technical performance of your systems in each integration environment
    • Certified compliance with safety and security regulations, covering infrastructure, installation and operation
    • Site installation projects managed from one source
  • Our solution
    • We install your systems with our highly qualified and competent field service team at your sites or on your platforms
    • We manage complete site installation projects, involving 3rd parties for civil works
    • We set to work your systems considering all safety and security regulations and requirements
    • We commission your systems with optimal adaptation to the operating environment
    • We collect, interpret and evaluate setup data to identify deviations in the operating environment and implement corrective or adaptive measures
  • Your benefits
    • Your systems are up and ready for operation
    • Your system is individually optimized and adapted to specific environmental, local or platform conditions
    • Your technicians can be involved in our activities to support transfer of know-how and on the job training

Material Supply

We offer Material Supply Services with a comprehensive "Integrated Logistics Support" program, supply chain infrastructure and maintenance of customer stocks.

  • Your needs
    • Repairable and non-repairable spare parts
    • Consumables, from hydraulic oil to special waveguides
    • Special-to-type test equipment and tools, including spare parts
    • Short delivery lead times for all supplies
  • Our solution
    • HENSOLDT Services defines the support concepts and the complete material supply in comprehensive "Integrated Logistics Support" programs
    • Integrated supply chain infrastructure for warehousing, shipping and transportation, commonly operated with a professional logistic provider
    • Maintenance of customer owned stocks and management of product specific spares stocks, commonly owned by a user group
  • Your benefits
    • Complete material supply from one source
    • Management of sensitive military stocks and deliveries (compliant with e.g. ITAR,  KWKG)
    • Cost savings by participation in common spares stocks

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO)

We offer Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Services: we inspect, repair, maintain and overhaul your system.

  • Your needs
    • High availability and performance of your systems through time- and cost efficient execution of maintenance and repair
    • Controlled and verified maximum system performance
    • Certified safety aspects
  • Our solution
    • Execution of scheduled or corrective maintenance and repair (in-house or on-site) by dedicated repair and field service organization (certified according DEMAR 145 and DEMAR 21)
    • Safety inspection and verification of system performance including flight tests
    • Calibration and recertification
    • Overhaul to secure and improve performance of the system
  • Your benefits
    • High availability and reliability of your systems
    • Verified and adjusted performance of your systems
    • Supported longevity of your systems
    • Safety certified systems


Software Maintenance

We offer Software Maintenance Services: we ensure continuous software maintenance, evaluate the security status of your IT system and develop and provide bug fixes, modifications and upgrades.

  • Your needs
    • Safe, secure and user friendly operation of your systems
    • Adaptation of software and IT infrastructure to changing requirements and environmental conditions 
    • Mitigation of hardware and software obsolescences
  • Our solution
    • We maintain a software maintenance infrastructure and a multi-disciplinary team of experts to ensure continuous software maintenance during the entire life cycle  
    • We evaluate the security status of your IT system, develop IT security concepts and monitor the status over the life cycle
    • We develop and provide bug fixes, modifications and upgrades of the software and your systems IT infrastructure
  • Your benefits
    • Complete IT support (hardware and software) for your system from one hand
    • High level of IT security through continuous improvement measures
    • Your system profits from a higher software robustness and useability


Supportability Engineering

We offer Supportability Engineering Services. We maintain all TID and keep them up to date, collect, interpret and evaluate failure data and perform proactive and reactive obsolescence management.

  • Customer demands
    • Safe and user friendly operation and maintenance of HENSOLDT’s products and systems
    • Most economic product support and customer services
    • Continuous support on an advanced level, ensuring high availability and useabilty of your products and systems
  • Our solution
    • We maintain all TID (technical information and data) and keep them up to date. This covers all logistic support and spares information as well as configuration data and the basic data for technical manuals and publications
    • We collect, interpret and evaluate failure data to identify root causes and propose corrective measures
    • We perform proactive and reactive obsolescence management in order to identify and develop mitigation solutions and to suggest measures from simple component replacements up to mid-life upgrades
  • Your benefits
    • Your system remains fully serviceable during the life cycle
    • Continuous maintenance of TID guarantees a high availability and efficient sustainment
    • Optimized life cycle cost

Logistic Support Consulting

We offer Logistic Support Consulting Services enabling you to optimize the performance and efficiency of supply chains and optimizing resulting life cycle cost.

  • Your needs
    • Optimized supply chain and support concepts, involving customers, OEM’s and 3rd parties
    • Continuous improvement of life cycle costs
    • Optimized usage of resources like staff and infrastructure
  • Our solution
    • We perform detailed analyses and develop solutions to optimize performance and efficiency of supply chains and support concepts
    • We model supply chains and support concepts to analyse and optimize resulting life cycle cost using dedicated calculation and simulation models
    • We perform detailed subject matter analysis (e.g. usage of staff, infrastructure or supplies) making use of logistic support analysis (LSA) techniques and processes
  • Your benefits
    • Optimized and limited logistic footprint in order to reduce life cycle cost and effort on customer side
    • Excellent HENSOLDT Services knowledgebase with a wide range of logistic support engineering expertise and practical experience from defence and non-defence projects
    • We are compliant with all relevant Certifications & Standards: ISO 9001, ISO 9100, AQAP 2110/2120, MILSTD 1388, ASD suite of ILS Specifications



Sustainment Services

We offer Sustainment Services for your systems and equipment: we perform full change management. technical updates and upgrade your system and equipment to adapt it to new operational requirements.

  • Your needs
    • Full operability, as well as high reliability and availability, although the system is already in use for many years
    • Full operability also in cases of changing requirement profiles
    • Supportability on a continuous advanced level
  • Our solution
    • We perform full change management including all supporting activities within modification projects
    • We technically update your product or system to changes in environment, at interfaces or in the supply chain (such as obsolescences)
    • We upgrade your system and equipment to adapt it to new operational requirements or to improve the performance
  • Your benefits

    Your system and equipment remain:

    • Fully sustainable during the entire life cycle
    • Fully operational in changing requirement profiles
    • Fully supportable to maintain high availability


Technical Publications

We offer Technical Publications Services, preparing and maintaining all technical information and data of the delivered system, which keeps the operation of your system efficient and safe through the entire life cycle.

  • Your needs
    • Technical Documentation to operate and maintain your systems in a safe and efficient way
    • Description of administrative tasks for the complete system
    • Spare Parts Documentation to support spare parts identification, ordering and handling
  • Our solution
    • Preparation of all technical information and data of the delivered system. This covers technical manuals for operators, maintainers and administrators including spare parts catalogue according to company or customer standards, like ASD suite of ILS Specifications
    • Documentation complies with applicable national law including safety instructions
    • Standard formats for technical documentation are: PDF, Interactive Electronic Technical Documentation (IETD) for customer browsers or HENSOLDT´s  own browser “i-docX
    • Continuous maintenace of technical publication during entire life cycle
  • Your benefits
    • Efficient and safe system operation is supported through timely adaptation to changes and modifications ion the system
    • High system availability based on described maintenance tasks and spare parts catalogue
    • Improved accessibility through use of electronic media and technology