HENSOLDT South Africa introduces new naval surveillance radar

Quadome is a three-dimensional multi-mission naval radar that punches well above its weight class for air and surface surveillance, as well as target-acquisition.

HENSOLDT introduces Quadome radar system for naval surveillance and target acquisition.

Pretoria, 22 September 2021 – HENSOLDT South Africa is introducing its newly developed Quadome radar system for naval surveillance and target acquisition. Equipped with the latest technology, Quadome provides rapid response and high precision, at an excellent price-performance ratio.

The product was announced internationally at the Defence Services Exhibition International (DSEI) 2021 in London, UK, on 15 September 2021, building up to the launch in South Africa, where the product is being developed.

The new-generation technology modernises one of HENSOLDT’s key radar product lines and further enhances the group’s extensive radar portfolio. “Quadome is a result of many man-years of engineering effort to develop a world-class product that will revolutionise the radar landscape worldwide,” says Rynier van der Watt, Managing Director of HENSOLDT South Africa.

The Quadome advantage

This innovative dual-mode, multi-mission surveillance radar will provide naval forces and maritime security authorities with unprecedented situational awareness and extremely short reaction times. Fast detection and tracking of small, slow and fast targets offers a reliable and stable air picture, with fast track-initiation to support longer effector keep-out range.

Quadome features two main operational modes that simplify operator interaction and reduce operator workload. Surveillance mode is used for general surface, and air surveillance, while the self-defence mode is employed for high-threat situations and target engagement, with helicopter support continuously available in either mode.

The new-generation radar features the latest active electronically steered antenna (AESA) technology and is software-defined, thus being a future proof solution with an extended operational lifetime.

“Quadome is designed to maximise system performance, while minimising acquisition and life-cycle costs,” says Bennie Langenhoven, Chief Executive of the Radar Business Unit.

South African innovation

The development of Quadome is undertaken in South Africa through a close collaboration between HENSOLDT South Africa and the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), with over 40 engineers collectively working on this product development since 2018. It is currently the largest defence radar development programme in South Africa and entrenches HENSOLDT South Africa as one of the major players in radar in the country.

HENSOLDT South Africa is leveraging its own specialised product development experience, radar portfolio management skills and insights into global market requirements, complementing the CSIR’s vast experience of more than 75 years in radar technology.

“This partnership with HENSOLDT South Africa supports the CSIR’s strategy of strengthening industrial development by working closely with private and public sectors to address the needs of industry and society,” says the CSIR’s Divisional Group Executive of Mining, Manufacturing, Defence and Security, Dr Motodi Maserumule.

Developed by HENSOLDT South Africa on behalf of the HENSOLDT Group, this product enhances the value proposition of HENSOLDT South Africa to the world market. “Not only is a Quadome a world-class product that will revolutionise the radar landscape worldwide, it also makes a significant contribution to the technology available to detect and protect our own borders and seas in the South African defence landscape,” says van der Watt.

Target market

Quadome is aimed at the global market for tactical naval radar systems, mainly targeting offshore patrol vessels (OPVs), corvettes, light frigates and support vessels.

Because of its compact size, relatively low mass and excellent price-performance ratio, the Quadome radar brings 3D air surveillance and air defence capabilities to vessels that that may otherwise only have been fitted with 2D target-detection capability.

Quadome operational benefits

Designed for the modern operational needs of the naval domain, Quadome offers robust capabilities for the detection and tracking of small surface targets and accurate 3D tracking of small, low-flying, fast-moving air targets, ensuring effective threat evaluation, weapon assignment and a longer effector “keep-out” range due to fast track-initiation. Quadome operates in C-Band for operationally advantageous reasons, offering the best compromise for small- and medium-sized vessels demanding high performance.

Quadome ownership benefits

Clients will have the benefit of lower life-cycle costs, reduced user-effort due to lower workloads, training and skills and comprehensive modern support concepts. The lifespan of the product is also significantly extended with new-generation, future-proof technology that offers the ability to add new features as new threats emerge, using the software-defined architecture.

Job creation and skills development

HENSOLDT will be manufacturing the products at its sites in South Africa and will outsource the manufacturing of some components and sub-assemblies to local partners in the industry, thus creating employment in HENSOLDT South Africa, at the CSIR, and in the organisations’ downstream supply chains, as the development and ultimate production of the product line is ramped up over the next three years.

A success for HENSOLDT and South Africa

HENSOLDT South Africa is proud to undertake such an ambitious programme in South Africa. “Our South African and European shareholding puts us in the unique position to translate foreign direct investment into local R&D, job creation and expanded local expertise, with development and manufacturing taking place in South Africa, by South Africans,” says Van der Watt. HENSOLDT South Africa expects to generate significant foreign revenue as it will leverage the HENSOLDT Group’s international sales channels, in addition to its own, to export the radar products to customers worldwide.

“This product reconfirms the HENSOLDT Group’s commitment to South Africa and further investment into HENSOLDT South Africa, its largest operational footprint outside of Germany,” says van der Watt.

About HENSOLDT South Africa

HENSOLDT South Africa is a pioneer of technology and innovation in defence and security electronics. The company offers a comprehensive range of products, systems and services across defence and civil markets, from electronic warfare and optronics, spectrum monitoring and security solutions, to radar, IFF and datalinks. With more than 700 South African employees across three sites in South Africa, it is the HENSOLDT Group’s largest industrial base outside of Europe and one of the largest defence and security electronics companies in South Africa.

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